• Helpful Reading Hints

      1. Provide a quiet atmosphere with no distractions.

      2. Turn off the television and radio.

      3. Let your child choose books he enjoys reading.

      4. Ask your child questions about a book to check for comprehension.

      5. Be a good role model. If you want your child to read, he should see you reading.

      6. Get a library card from The Roseau Public Library http://www.nwrlib.org/libraries/roseau

      When Reading


      - allow your child to read at his/her own pace

      - fun activities (TV, video games, computer games ...) can be given AFTER school work has been completed - this can be their reward

      - use a ruler/bookmark to stay focused on one line of reading

      - ask your child questions after reading to check for comprehension

      Before Doing Homework

      - cut off the TV, radio...

      - go to the restroom

      - get a drink of water

      ***doing these things will eliminate the need to stop during homework***

      - have all supplies needed for homework available on the table

      - do homework at a table

      - only homework materials should be on the table

      During Homework

      - sit with the child while he/she is doing the homework

      - conversation should be about the homework only

      - refrain from making comments in the middle of homework that are not associated with school assignments

      - do not answer the phone or make phone calls

      - all attention should be on the school work - if others in the house are not focused on homework, the child won't be either

      - complete homework at the same time each night - children need the structure of a routine schedule