Degrees and Certifications:

  • Please have the following supplies for math class with Mrs. Manka this year! 


    2018-2019 Supply List

    • Composition Notebook - This will be used ONLY for taking notes during class. 
    • Other Notebook/Notebook paper - This will be for completing assignments or for scratch work. It can be a ringed notebook or loose leaf paper in a binder (your preference!). 
    • Folder
    • 1/2 inch or 1 inch binder - For storing passed back assignments, tests/quizzes, loose leaf paper... 
    • PENCILS and ERASERS - Mistakes in math are unavoidable so pencils and erasers are a must. 
    • Sylus - (only needed for students who have an iPad)
    • Highlighter - One or two highlighters will come in handy when notetaking. 
    • Colored Pencils - We will be taking some colorful notes and may have activities that require coloring so a small pack of colored pencils is handy. I will have crayons to use in class. 
    • School Device - Have it ready. Have it charged! 


    If you have trouble getting any of the above supplies, please let me know.