• Grading Scale

    My classroom strictly follows the junior/senior high grading scale:

    A = 93%-100%, A-= 90%-92.99%, B+= 88%-89.99%, B = 82%-87.99%, B- = 80%-81.99%, C+ = 78%-79.99%, C = 72%-77.99%, C- = 70%-71.99%, D+ = 68%-69.99%, D = 62%-67.99%, D- = 60%-61.99%, F = 0%-59.99%


     There are ample opportujities to earn a good grade.  Do no expect nor ask for extra credit projects.  It is also expected that you will turn your work in on time.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of one letter grade for every day the assignment is late.  On time means immediately after the beginning bell of class. Writing assignments and projects that are more than four school days late will be accepted for half credit during the current nine weeks grading period.  It is worth the effort to turn in late writing and project assignments, but there will be a loss of points for not meeting deadlines.