Click on these links to visit some great educational websites for your child. Practice reading, spelling, math skills and much more!

    Reading Websites


    Where children have fun learning to read!

    ABC Match
    Match pictures to the letters they start with in this memory game.

    Word Family Sort
    Students practice sorting words by their word patterns (rhyming words). Great practice for short vowels, too!

    Using Construct-a-Word, students learn letter-sound correspondence by combining a beginning letter or blend to a word ending to create words.

    LittleCritter.com is author Mercer Mayer's website all about his favorite character... Little Critter! Listen to an interactive stories read by Mercer Mayer, play games, read jokes, and so much more!

    Raz-kids.com is a wonderful site to practice reading skills. Listen to and read each book and then take the quiz. Read each book in a level and then move on to the next level.

    Jan Brett Author Website
    Jan Brett is the famous author of books like The Mitten, The Hat, Hedgie's Surprise, The Umbrella, Honey, Honey, Lion! and so many more! Check out her cool website and play the interactive games!

    Robert Munsch website
    Robert Munsch READS many of his hilarious stories on the website! Enjoy!

    Arthur website (pbskids.com/arthur)
    Arthur the anteater is the star of this site! Have fun with Arthur and meet all his friends!

    Word Maker (long vowels)
    Use the wordmaker machine to make words with long vowels and a magic e!

    Would you, could you try this site? Dr. Seuss characters, games, and activities fill this silly Seuss page.

    Kevin Henkes website
    Author Kevin Henkes is famous for his "mouse" books. My favorites are Lilly, Julius, Wemberly, and Chrysanthemum.

    Scroll down the public library website and click on the Tumblebooks logo. This site has tons of free books to listen to and quizzes and games to go along with each book!

    Click on Grade 1 to learn and have fun!

    Junie B. Jones Website!
    Have some hilarious fun with Junie B. Jones at this site!


    Click on "Find a List" to find our weekly spelling words and play games to practice them!



    Splat Square
    This is an interactive hundreds chart. Students can choose a color and splat numbers from 1-100. Use it to review numbers to 100, learn numbers to the right and left of a given number, learn the concept one more, one less, ten more, and ten less. It is also helpful when counting by twos, fives, and tens.

    Mend the Number Square
    There are four numbers that are missing from the hundreds chart. A cute little character is peeking out of the square of one of the missing numbers. The student needs to drag the correct missing number back to the square.

    Crazy Pattern Machine
    This site has patterns with one element missing. The students click on the piece that would complete the pattern correctly. You may change the difficulty level and type of pattern (shapes, letters, colors, numbers).

    Virtual Geoboard
    Use this virtual geoboard to practice making shapes. Can you make congruent shapes?

    Time Quiz
    Take the quiz to test your knowledge of telling time. GOOD LUCK!

    What Time is It?
    Look at the clock and tell the time. Then pick the digital clock that shows the same time.



    Fun Websites

    Make learning fun!

    Reading Planet



    ADA for Kids
    ADA for Kids is a fun place to learn about dental health! The American Dental Association offers interactive activities for kids on this website.

    This is Sand.com

    Scary Spider
    Click on the spider to move it around. Double-click to drop an insect for the spider to eat. Have fun playing with this awesome arachnid!

    Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math (at school)

    Renaissance Home Connect (Accelerated Math from home)