• Class Expectations:Physical Education 8 or 7/9(elective) Location: Gym

    Teacher: Mrs. Reese        Contact Phone: 463-6328    

    Email: Christine_Reese@roseauschool.org       

    Class Overview:  This class will be full of movement and exercise.   Our activities will include several games, movements and skills that will build self-esteem, social skills, teamwork, communication and a basic understanding and importance of lifelong fitness.  Students will be exposed to new games and asked to try new activities and push their boundaries to find their strengths and fitness trends that interest them.  Making mistakes, learning from them and encouraging other classmates will be practiced daily.  You don’t you have to be good at all sports you attempt to play, but I do expect that you work hard and improve at all sports you attempt to play.  Sometimes through sports adversity and frustration flare!  How you learn to deal with those behaviors make you a strong competitive person in any aspect of your future.

    Games/Skills covered in this class could include the following, but are not limited to:

    • Team sports such as football, basketball, soccer, floor hockey, speedball, handball
    • Net sports like badminton, pickleball, volleyball, tennis
    • Exposure and use of fitness center
    • Ice Skating (you will need skates)
    • Fitness Journals
    • Dodgeball and kickball games
    • Strength and agility circuits
    • Jump Ropes
    • Individual fitness such as walking logs, running, rollerblading, biking

    Specific Classroom Expectations:

    • Come prepared  on time everyday – tied tennis shoes, t-shirts, shorts or sweats, socks, no tanks
    • After 3 tardies a parent will be contacted and then follow progressive school policy steps
    • Treat others like you would like to be treated and respect property
    • Admit, accept and learn from mistakes
    • Electronics are permitted only with permission from Mrs. Reese and not allowed in locker rooms
    • Water bottles can be brought to gym
    • Unless gone for a school sponsored activity, you will be offered work to make-up the daily participation points, at mid-term, points not made up are worth 0 credit
    • Exit from class for washrooms and locker will be at teacher discretion
    • Display good sportsmanship, positive attitudes and hard work every fitness session

    Grading:  Different teaching methods will receive varied percent credit.

    Participation 100% Attitude/Effort/Respect  will also be considered when grading.

    Grading Scale:

    A 92-100, A- 90-91, B+88-89, B 82-87, B- 80-81, C+ 78-79, C 72-77, C- 70-71, D+ 68-69, D 62-67, D- 60-61

    I look forward to a fun, exciting & movement filled year! Mrs. Reese