Teachers Desk

    Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

        What can I say!  I appreciate all the work you are doing in "your classroom".  I know it's weird, it's hard, it's not normal but it's what we need to do.  It is much like everything we have to do now in order to get ourselves somewhere back to where we used to be.  

        I look forward to listening to the governor later today to see what he has to say about Minnesota.  I am grateful to live where we live, although not completely sheltered from it all, but at least not in the battle zone.

       I am happy for our kids as well, that we aren't in the thick of things like New York, Louisiana, etc. .  However, if it is "weird" for us, imagine how unsettling it is for them.  You will notice, I am trying to do some "fun" and distracting things on Google Classroom that makes them smile. Seeing their friends I think is a good thing.  We will make a goal to do a Google Meet once a week. I will read a book at least once a week or twice on long weeks.  The assignments are pretty much constant. I think once a routine is established, they are doable as well. 

       I appreciate your communication with me if your have questions.  I am here to help in any way. Please check into the school website/2nd grade/Kim Czeh as I will try to keep things up to date on there.  I also make mention for parents on videos once in a while on Google Classroom. (Check out today the Easter video fun!) Keep having your child check in daily on school days.  Thanks!!

       For now, stay home, be safe and stay well.  

     ~Mrs. Czeh~