Teachers Desk
  • Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

           This week we took our 2nd Unit Test in Reading. From first glance, I think we did better! That’s great. I think we have this “testing” thing down. It’s good to keep in mind that it is just a measure of what we have learned so far. I also have to praise the students for the great job on the Unit 4 Social Quiz. J Good Work studying at home!!

         We will be having our Christmas Holiday party on Friday December 20th. I will again do the shopping for the treats. A Holiday letter came home earlier this fall. Those on the Christmas Committee are: Emma, Levi, Soren, Chance, Reese, Rayna and Layla. We ask that each student on the Christmas Committee List bring $5 to cover the cost of our party. You can send that to school at any time.

             Next Friday we will have our Elf Day in 2nd grade. A Letter came home on that yesterday (it was red). We will make rotations to each teacher in 2nd grade. Your child can go all out or just wear an Elf or Santa Hat.

    Thank-you to Citizens State Bank for the great tour of the bank. It’s always fun to see so much money and go in the Vault!!

    REMINDER:. Book-It Calendars are due! 

    I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! I am thankful for each one of your children!!

                     ~Mrs. Czeh~