Unit 6: America's Government


    communication:  any way of sharing information

    governement: A group of people who work together to run a community, state or country

    capital: a city wehre people in a government work

    tax: money that a government colelcts from citizens and businesses

    citizen: a person who belongs to a place

    right: something you are free to do

    responsibiity: something that you should do

    law: a rule that everyone in a community, state, or a nation must follow

    judge: someone who studies the laws and decides the best way to follow them

    ballot: is a form on which people mark their choices in an election

    election: is a time when people vote

    vote: means to show or make a choice for a leader or law

    Consititution: the plan for the government of the United States

    aid: help given to others

    justice: means fairness

    liberty: means freedom

    democracy: government by the people.