Roseau Community Schools

A Continuing Tradition of Academic, Athletic and Arts Excellence!


    Welcome to Roseau High School Activites & Athletics 

    Please visit our activities calendar below for an up to the minute (LIVE) schedule of our events. All schedules can be found at:  Here you can sign up for instant notfications of postponments and cancelations for specific sports team.

    Roseau High School has a long tradition of exceptional academics, athletes, and teams.  We have a high percentage of our studnets grades 7-12 that are active participants in at least one sport or activity.  This number has steadily increased over the last 7 years.  We know that student engagement in activities shows in the classroom.  Activity participation helps student increase school attendance, self-esteem, and makes for many oipportunities for student leadership.  The roseau community is deeply involved in the lives of our studnet athletes and takes pride in our successes.


    We encourage all students to be an active participant in an activity or sport.  A list can be found here on our school website.


    If you have any questions about our offerings please contact Angie Carlon at 218-463-2489.