• Roseau School The primary purpose of the school is to recognize and develop the potential of all students so that they may function well in society. The aim of the school is to help each student develop into a useful citizen by recognizing the dignity of the individual and the value of freedom. Education is the right of all citizens, and it is a privilege each person protects through responsible participation. Patriotism and love of one's country are essential virtues which must be fostered in the schools.

    The school should be responsive to the wishes of the community and has the responsibility to serve all children, and to assist them in meeting their mental, emotional, physical, social, and moral needs in coordination with the home, church, and community in the areas of their influence. Because learning is a life-long process, the school seeks to satisfy the need for continuing education. The school, in cooperation with other agencies, therefore, offers enriching experiences for people of all ages.

    The school's curriculum should be planned by a combination of administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other educators. It should aim to develop creativity, curiosity, and an on-going desire to learn. The curriculum should have a core of basic skills and knowledge. It should reflect a close relationship between vocational and academic studies so that each may support and complement the other. The curriculum should also maintain the traditions of our culture and preserve the best that is in our heritage.

    These purposes and responsibilities are best achieved in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect among students, teachers, parents, administrators, and other staff. This environment of the school, as it promotes healthy growth and development for all its people, secures its place in an ever-changing world. The ultimate goal of education then, is to train and enlighten people so that they discover meaning in the gift of life.