Roseau Rams

Athletic Director

  • Ken Hayden
    (218) 463 - 2770

  • Administrative Assistant - Mattea Brandt
    (218) 463 - 2770

  • Roseau High School Athletic Department - Vision Statement

    • We strive to create individuals who will be able to use/develop the physical, mental, and emotional tools that promote success in athletics and their personal lives.  
    • We encourage all student-athletes and coaches to accept the responsibility of being a positive part of a team, a school, and a community.  
    • We promote respect and integrity in all aspects of competition, from our communication with officials and parents to our competitive tactics on the playing field.  
    • We promote the qualities of hard work, preparation, perseverance, and toughness by challenging all members of the athletic department to strive for personal excellence and team achievement.

    Roseau High School Athletic Department - Core Values

    • Respect: Treat the game, people, and property with dignity and care.
    • Integrity: Act with honor and ethics.
    • Responsibility: Recognize the important role you play in your family, your team, your school, and your community.  
    • Excellence: Focus on continuous improvement to be the best you can be.
    • Determination: Work hard and persevere through challenges. Never give up.